Rozina Mohammad


Rozina Mohammad

Rozina Mohammad is the founder of Casa Dei Bambini Montessori Schools and has dedicated her life to the success of our future, reflected in today’s child. Her two innovative schools in the suburbs of Houston Texas reflect the pioneering spirit of Dr. Maria Montessori in imparting education to develop the whole child. She was awarded her certification with the American Montessori Society (AMS) in 2001. Additionally, she received both her Early Childhood Degree and Child Development Associate Degree, following which she has also established her Director Credentials with the Childcare Council of Greater Houston in 2008.

It is our sole mission to prepare the child to reach their greatest potential in physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of life-long learning experiences.

Our school will instruct using an authentic Montessori approach developed from over 100 years ago. This will emphasize respect for others, the environment, and best of all respect for themselves. What better way that to introduce discoveries and possibilities to your child through a carefully prepared and intelligently designed Montessori environment?

Dr. Montessori herself believed in the “Best for the Youngest.” Our teachers are committed and dedicated to provide the best education for our children. We respect the unique qualities and complexities of each child and their families. We believe in nurturing the curiosity and creativity of each child. Now is the time to lay a strong foundation, during the formative years, to build your child’s future. The sooner a child is exposed to the right environment for growth, the better the chances are for a successful and happy life.


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