Are Montessori schools accredited? It’s a common question for parents seeking the best educational path for their children. In the world of alternative education, Montessori schools often stand out for their unique approach to learning. One of the key inquiries that arise in exploring these institutions involves understanding their accreditation status. Among these, Casa Dei Bambini Montessori offers a compelling case study, highlighting the nuances of accreditation within the Montessori philosophy.


A Commitment to Quality Education

Casa Dei Bambini Montessori School boasts a team of Certified & Trained Montessori Teachers who are not only dedicated but also enthusiastic about fostering a high standard of learning. Their approach involves working hand-in-hand with children, pacing their educational journey, and providing individualized attention to cater to each child’s developmental needs. Moreover, the school’s ethos underscores the importance of diversity, seeking not just to understand but also to promote it within its vibrant community.

As a member of the American Montessori Society (AMS) and operating under the license of the Department of Child and Family Services since its inauguration in January 2018, Casa Dei Bambini has continually expanded its commitment to delivering quality education. The school’s Montessori Teachers, certified and trained extensively in the Montessori curriculum, serve as stalwarts in their dedication to upholding rigorous standards of learning within the community.


The Value of AMS Accreditation

Accreditation by the American Montessori Society serves as a cornerstone of excellence within the Montessori education landscape. It provides not just guidance but also empowerment, instilling high ideals crucial in implementing and sustaining the robust standards of quality Montessori education. For Casa Dei Bambini, AMS accreditation symbolizes the pinnacle of achievement, showcasing an unwavering commitment to quality education.

Of the member schools under AMS, approximately 15% hold this prestigious accreditation, signifying an ardent dedication to continuous school improvement and the validation of exceptional Montessori programs.


The Journey Towards AMS Accreditation

AMS accreditation stands as a rigorous process, available to schools committed to perpetual enhancement and the validation of their top-tier Montessori programs. Casa Dei Bambini Montessori School embraces this journey, recognizing it as a testament to their commitment to ongoing school improvement and the maintenance of high-quality Montessori education.


Towards a Flourishing Educational Partnership

Casa Dei Bambini Montessori eagerly anticipates cultivating lasting relationships with every new family welcomed into its vibrant community. The commitment to AMS accreditation embodies the school’s steadfast dedication to providing not just education but an enriching, holistic experience for each child.



While the question “Are Montessori schools accredited?” surfaces inquiries about standards, Casa Dei Bambini Montessori School exemplifies a commitment that transcends mere accreditation. It represents a dedication to the core tenets of Montessori education, nurturing a community where each child’s individuality is celebrated, and where excellence in education is a living reality.

At Casa Dei Bambini Montessori School, AMS accreditation signifies not just excellence but a promise—a promise of an enriching educational journey, upheld by dedicated educators and a community fostering the growth and development of each unique child.

If you’re seeking an educational sanctuary that celebrates diversity, prioritizes individual growth, and embraces the essence of Montessori education, we invite you to embark on this enriching journey with Casa Dei Bambini Montessori School. Contact us today to discover how your child can flourish in an environment that cherishes curiosity, independence, and holistic development. Together, let’s shape a brighter future for your child at Casa Dei Bambini Montessori.