Casa Dei Bambini Montessori (CDBM) is a school that ranges from 8 weeks to 6 years old and opened its doors to students in January 2018. The school is specifically designed to provide an academically stimulating environment that promotes social and emotional intelligence and honors individual learning styles. The classrooms have a calming atmosphere of compassion and support, and the teachers are certified and trained to provide consistent care while following the students’ natural talents and interests.

The CDBM program follows a child-centered approach, balancing traditional and Montessori practices, and has a prepared physical environment that is beautiful, orderly, and designed for toddler children ages 1-3 years old. The foundation of the program is based on Dr. Maria Montessori’s belief that “the first six years of the child are the foundation of all characteristics, attitudes, and abilities of his adulthood, constructed in such a manner that it lasts a lifetime.”


Cognitive, Physical, and Social and Emotional Learning


Cognitive learning

Is a vital part of the daily curriculum at CDBM and is achieved through “work” time and lessons that are not just toys. The children’s play demonstrates how their minds work to satisfy inner desires or critical periods. Every child is unique and their accomplishments may vary, but the aim is to never let a child risk failure unless they have a reasonable chance of success.

Cognitive Learning 1Cognitive Learning 2


Physical learning

Involves the development of bodily skills, including strength, coordination, balance, and energy. Freedom of movement is essential to the child’s natural development and allows them to refine their senses. Both fine and gross motor skills are exercised, with gross motor skills involving the large muscle groups and fine motor skills involving precise finger coordination.

Physical Learning 1Physical Learning 2Physical Learning 3Physical Learning 4


Social and emotional learning

Involves the ability to interact with others and develop relationships. Toddlers are social beings and are learning to become socially responsible members of society. They express themselves through language, art, and music, and thrive on listening to and repeating stories, songs, and poems. CDBM provides opportunities for gentle separation from the primary caregiver and creates a harmonious atmosphere for the child’s success and happiness.

Social and Emotional Learning 1Social and Emotional Learning 2Social and Emotional Learning 3



CDBM is a place where early childhood development is given the utmost importance. The school provides a stimulating environment for learning, encourages social and emotional intelligence, and respects different ways of learning. The curriculum focuses on cognitive, physical, social, and emotional learning and is designed to support parents in embracing their child’s whole maturation.


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