Welcome to CDBM, where every day is a new adventure for our little ones. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and nurturing environment that fosters the growth and development of young minds and bodies. Our approach is hands-on, child-centered, and experiential, and we believe that learning through play and exploration is the best way for children to discover the world around them.

Throughout the day, children are given opportunities to participate in a variety of experiences designed to enhance their physical, social, and intellectual growth. These experiences include Practical Life and Daily Living, Social Grace and Courtesy, Gross and Fine Motor Movement, Sensorial Exploration, Language Acquisition, Science and Discovery, and Art and Music.


Let’s take a closer look at each of these essential activities:


Practical Life and Daily Living:

Children are given the opportunity to care for themselves and the environment through a variety of tasks such as dressing and undressing, washing hands, putting away personal belongings, setting up and putting away nap belongings, and dusting, sweeping, and mopping. These tasks help develop fine motor skills, independence, and a sense of responsibility.


Social Grace and Courtesy:

Children learn important social skills such as preparing food or snacks, setting and clearing a table, using manners, holding doors open, greeting each other, and complimenting and acknowledging one another. These experiences help children develop social awareness, empathy, and communication skills.


Gross and Fine Motor Movement:

Children have ample opportunities for physical activity and movement through walking, running, climbing, sliding, throwing, and kicking balls, pushing or pulling a wagon or buggy, and building with a variety of materials. Fine motor skills are also developed through tasks such as threading beads, transferring materials, planting seeds, and using knobbed puzzles.


Sensorial Exploration:

Children are given opportunities to develop their sense of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste through activities such as size discrimination exercises, visual discrimination using color tablets, auditory discrimination using sound cylinders, exercising the “stereognostic sense” using a blindfold or mystery bag, and exploring the sense of smell and taste through nature, flowers, herbs, and a variety of foods.


Language Acquisition:

Children are encouraged to express themselves and enhance their verbal skills through daily dialogue, enrichment cards of vocabulary, reading books, creating stories, and using tools of communication such as the telephone and keyboard.


Science and Discovery:

Children are given the opportunity to learn about the world around them through topics such as history, weather and seasonal activities, scientific experimentation, botany, zoology, and geography. These experiences help children develop a love for learning and a curious mind.


Art and Music:

Children are encouraged to express themselves through basic art skills such as drawing, painting, and using clay or dough, and through music, they can make rhythm and use a variety of instruments. These experiences help children develop concentration, coordination, and imagination.



At CDBM, we believe that learning through play and exploration is the best way for children to discover the world around them. Our most important activities are made to give young people a full and caring environment that helps their minds and bodies grow and develop. We are dedicated to helping each child reach their full potential and look forward to sharing this journey with you and your family.